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Accounting Services for the Medical Industry

At JTS Associates CPAs, our team of financial experts specializes in developing accounting solutions for the medical industry. Learn more about what our accounting firm can accomplish for your medical office.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

The medical industry is highly regulated. JTS Associates CPAs can provide insights into navigating complex regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with laws such as HIPAA and healthcare-specific tax regulations.

Systematic Billing Procedures

Developing a systematic billing procedure is crucial for healthcare providers. Our accounting services assist in creating efficient billing processes that minimize errors and maximize revenue collection.

Equipment Purchase and Lease Negotiations

Acquiring medical equipment can be a significant investment. JTS Associates can perform an analysis, negotiate equipment purchases and leases, and assess the impact on your healthcare business’s financial health.

Asset Protection Strategies

Asset protection is essential in the healthcare industry. This is why we offer strategies to safeguard your assets, manage liabilities, and mitigate risks to ensure the long-term financial stability of your healthcare business.

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