Advisory & Accounting Services for Construction Businesses

As a professional CPA firm specializing in construction industry accounting, JTS Associates brings in-depth knowledge and experience, ensuring accurate financial reporting and compliance with industry-specific regulations. We work hand-in-hand with general contractors, specialty construction firms, and construction management companies of all types and sizes. Learn more about some of the advantages of partnering with JTS in your construction endeavors.

Tax Efficiency

Construction projects involve complex financial transactions. We provide comprehensive tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities, take advantage of relevant deductions, and ensure compliance with changing tax laws.

Financial Statement Clarity

Clear and well-prepared financial statements are crucial when dealing with bonding agencies, lenders, investors, and other stakeholders. JTS Associates provides high-quality financial statements that effectively communicate your construction business’s financial health.

Internal Control Assessment

Internal controls are crucial in preventing fraud and maintaining accurate financial records. We review and enhance internal control systems to safeguard the company’s assets.

Surety Bond Consulting

For construction companies that require surety bonds, it is essential to understand bond requirements to improve financial credibility and enhance the chances of obtaining bonds for projects.

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