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Navigating Complex Tax Filings: The Role of an Experienced CPA in Simplifying Your Process

Today the financial climate is more volatile than we have seen in a long time. With the advent of crypto-currency, advanced investment technology available to more people and increasingly complex tax rules, it’s no wonder that what used to be a simple matter of filing your taxes has turned into a complex process that can affect both your short term and long term financial viability.

While some people continue to invest on their own and glean knowledge from the vast amount of online information available, many have found that the need for curated financial advice is more crucial than ever when managing their financial affairs and filing their taxes due to ever-changing tax laws and regulations. JTS Associates CPAs’ team of experienced professionals provide much more than comprehensive solutions related to local, state, federal and even international taxation. Instead they work with clients on a long term basis to not only simplify the tax filing process, but also provide guidance to formulate financial plans that take into account not only short term processes, but also investment strategies that can affect future generations.


Here are just a few of the many reasons why hiring a tax expert is crucial and why you should trust JTS Associates CPAs to help you to navigate the complex tax codes that seem to get even murkier every year.


  1. JTS Associates CPAs’ teams employ a common strategy for their clients that involves “Continually Planning Ahead.” This means that they are always looking out for a client’s best interest while working with them to plan a path to achieve both personal and professional financial objectives. The importance of this can’t be understated as the world economy continues to evolve in an unpredictable way.


  1. They know the right strategies to employ at the right time. Whether making a lifetime investment such as purchasing a house, starting a college savings fund or even contemplating retirement,, the JTS Associates CPAs team offers solutions so that your tax implications are limited.


  1. On time and accurate filing. No one wants to receive a notice from the IRS that they have filed incorrect or late taxes. JTS Associates CPAs’ dedicated tax specialists ensure that tax reporting and compliance deadlines are met with accurate and timely attention. With an emphasis on pre-planning, last minute filing delays and costly penalties can be avoided.


  1. Filing your taxes for most people used to be a simple matter of simply filling out a form. This no longer holds true as the amount of tax code changes that can occur within one year can have a drastic effect on what you may owe. Without the knowledge of a financial expert, you could end up paying thousands of dollars that could be avoided now and in the future..


  1. When it comes to money, many people make the mistake of letting their emotions rule their decision making. The JTS Associates CPAs’ team is experienced in helping clients navigate the major financial implications that can happen if investment and tax decisions are not made with the help of an educated professional. With the volatile nature of investing, it’s no longer just a matter of passing along generational wealth, but instead making shrewd decisions that could continue to provide loved ones with financial stability for years to come.


  1. If you have had a life changing event such as a death of a loved one, the birth of a child or more, your personal tax liability could certainly be affected more than you ever imagined. Being proactive and working with a financial professional ahead of tax time can help you to plan and possibly circumvent costly tax payments.


Those are just a few of the reasons to consider working with an experienced CPA. The difference in working with the  JTS Associates CPAs’ team is that the entire company consists of highly skilled and motivated professionals who follow a company culture focused on P.R.I.D.E. (perceptive, responsive, insightful, decisive and entrepreneurial values).

With a personalized, “client first” mentality, they offer time efficient solutions that deliver quantifiable results – separating them time and time again from their Long Island competitors. It’s well known that their company culture focuses on not only understanding the needs of their clients, but also harvesting long term knowledge of the industries that they work in. Times may have changed, but the company’s commitment to excellence has not.

Tax season will soon be here. To learn how you can simplify your tax filing give us a call at +1516-877-5900 to make an appointment to speak with one of our certified JTS professionals.

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