Tax Prep & Planning

Tax season can create a sense of feeling overwhelmed trying to gather all the appropriate documents to make sure everything is filed properly. That’s where our accountants and advisors at JTS Associates CPAs come in to offer guidance on streamlining the tax preparation process to ensure that tax reporting and compliance deadlines are met.

As we stay current with the continuously changing tax laws and regulations, our team of experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals provides clients with comprehensive solutions to all areas of federal, state, and local taxation.

Our tax services include:

Understanding tax preparation: We’ll break down the details of tax preparation, from gathering necessary documents to navigating deductions and credits.

Navigating tax planning: We will discuss how we can assist in tax planning with a strategic approach to help you make informed decisions that minimize liabilities and maximize savings.

• Providing timely advice and analysis: As we represent both business and individual clients, we research tax effects of proposed transactions and provide alternative structures that are relevant to changes in tax law and regulations.

Clear and actionable solutions: Our team will highlight clear solutions to empower businesses and individuals to take actionable steps in managing their taxes effectively.

Guidance and support: We’ll showcase how JTS Associates simplifies the complexity, ensuring that tax preparation and planning become manageable tasks rather than daunting challenges. From answering questions to providing personalized advice, we’re here for you.

Partnering with JTS Associates means a smoother tax season. Our tax expertise, combined with a client-centric approach, will help you achieve your tax-related goals.

For more information on how our services can help your business, please contact us at 516-877-5900.